Saturday, January 5, 2013

To Sleep Perchance to Dream

Mmm toddler. Mmmm screwed up night time routine since we've been on vacation from school.
I. Will. Not. Sleep.

Shoot me.

For many months Silas (30 months) would be great - bath, milk on the couch, teeth brushing, bed at 8:15, bam. We wouldn't hear from him again until 7 am. Now on vacation it's been delayed a bit and he's still awake at 9:30, 10...Tonight I was making breakfast muffins at 10 and while I was doing the dishes he appeared in the kitchen with Blue (his blanket). "Me help you?" He asked with a small smile. You can help me tomorrow but tonight get your tushy back in bed.

I will be very happy once vacation is over and we'll be back to his regular schedule. It doesn't help that Daddy thinks staying up until 9:30 is ok.

How do you get kids back on schedule after vacation?


  1. Yup. We have the same problem on vacation. After we travel, we institute "detox days" - back to healthyish foods, strictish schedules, normalish bedtimes and no(ish) videos. We also prepare for a couple extra tantrums, but it's still worth it.

    1. Oh and the extra tired tired tantrums (and the "I'm confused why today's different from yesterday" tantrums). Always fun. I do have to say that now that he's back at school during the day and taking his shorter naps he's tired and sleeping earlier. Such creatures of habit!