Friday, June 20, 2014

Chloe + Isabel Jewelry and Fragrances - Discount Code!

Jewelry lovers!

If you've been following the blog recently you know that Liz is now a merchandiser for Chloe + Isabel, a jewelry and fragrance company that offers both trendy and classic pieces for good prices. In this post Liz will share some information about her experiences with Chloe + Isabel and will give readers a discount code for $25 off a $125 order.

From Liz:

I have spent the past month and a half working with Chloe + Isabel, wearing the jewelry, and chatting with lots of fantastic people about their jewelry preferences. I've found some pieces I love, and have realized that jewelry can help to make my day brighter, no matter what I have on the schedule. I've also realized that C+I jewelry is a fantastic fit for women like me - it's professional but can still be "fun," and for me, that's important.

Liz in Tangier Convertible Post Earrings and Tangier Collar Necklace

C+I offers a lot of "convertible" pieces. What that means is that these are pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. We have earrings that can both dangle and be studs, we have necklaces that come in sets of three that can be worn alone, and we even have sets that can be combined to make one long necklace or can be used as a bracelet, one shorter necklace, and one longer necklace. In this video I've reviewed some of the options - be sure to comment as to which is your favorite convertible piece!

Now for the fun:

Chloe + Isabel is offering a Summer Solstice Sale - customers who spend over $125 can use code SUMMER25 to receive $25 off their order. This code is good from June 20 to June 27, so get to shopping! Also, orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. So now the question becomes, what's in your Chloe + Isabel cart? Shop here at my boutique!

Summer Solstice Sale!

Do you need ideas to help you reach the $125? Check out these lower priced items that you can find in my boutique that could bring you up over $125.

Under $25 items

Need help picking items you'd love? Email me and I can help you find just the right thing.

What's your favorite piece from C+I? Comment below and share it with us so we can all ooh and ah!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Spine Poetry

Today Mama Lisa has a fun activity to share with you - book spine poetry!

I have a fun little habit of reading the spines of books and creating fun poems out of them. I'm not sure how my little hobby started, but I remember teaching all if my students how to do it. I confess it was part of my plan to take over the world. Regardless of my ulterior motives, it's a fun quirk that is fun to indulge.

Every summer, our local library system has a summer reading club for children and adults. I always register the spawn and we always have a fun time doing it. This year we went to register early and I struck up a conversation with the librarian about book spine poetry. She confessed that she never felt good enough to take pictures of her poetry but pulled up a site where someone had taken care in choosing and posting pictures of book spine poetry for a National Poetry Month. I think I may have squealed in delight at all the fun poems that were born out of chance(books that were casually thrown on a table in random order), the 2-3 spine poem, and the more involved book spine work.

It was an amazing find that I immediately shared with the spawn! So, in addition to our summer homeschool, our summer library reading program, and general summer fun, we are going to create some book spine poetry and document it. I have a feeling some laughs and lots of fun will be had!

If you've never done it, it is super easy. Grab a couple books from your bookshelf, read their titles and arrange them to say "something", place them in order, check it, take a picture and have fun with it! Mix genres of books to get some off the wall poems, it plan your poem for an involved piece. Roll with it!

For more inspiration, here are some neat examples shared with me by the awesome librarian at our local library:

Have fun, READ, and share your poems with the MATHs! We'd love to see them!!
Sunday, June 8, 2014

What We Learned (June 8 Edition)

We took last week off because things were hectic - but when aren't they? This week the Mamas had a lot going on and had some fun. Every Sunday (well almost every Sunday) we let you know what we learned this week and what we enjoyed. In the comments let us know what your favorite part of your week was!


1. The school year is winding down and I cannot wait. Things are falling off the To Do List like apples off a tree! You never realize just how much you do during the year until it slows down. I think with all the rushing around, we are soooo ready to be bums!

2. It was recital time! Both girls did amazingly well. This was Pixy's 4th recital but Banshee's 1st. She did so well, that the Sailor and I were reduced to tears by the end of the night. Sometimes, the biggest hurdles are quietly (or musically) overcome.


3. It's Pixy's bday weekend and we took some time to celebrate. She chose to attend a local carnival and we had a picnic. There were food trucks, face painting, a moonbounce, and live music. We had a great time! What a way to turn 6!!

Great party!

1. I have spent the last three weeks teaching a Maymester class, a class that meets every week day for 3 hours straight for 14 days. It was insane. But also insanely rewarding. I met students who blew me away and made me happy to be a professor. It was a great experience. Will I do it again next summer? I don't know, it's really taxing and stressful on my brain and my body. But I am glad I did it. Up next? Two online classes that start Monday. Whew.

2. My parents arrived Saturday for their first visit in almost 2 years. Silas (now 4) and Sage (2 on the 16th) are both super excited to have them here. And my parents are loving it already.

3. Selling jewelry for Chloe + Isabel has become my new love. The ladies I work with are amazing. We had a meet up last Thursday and we had a blast. It's great to work with women who are happy to be working with other women, if that makes sense. We're all merchandisers in San Antonio, but nobody is competitive. We support each other. They're an amazing group and I'm so glad to be part of it. So if anyone needs any gift suggestions for jewelry lovers, let me know! Check out my boutique here. We recently ran a giveaway - were you the winner? Check your email!

Don't hate, Robyn's taking a break! She'll be back with us next week telling us all about her family's crazy fun :)

Now you - tell us what was great about your week in the Comments!