Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I Admit It, I'm Addicted to...

Everyone's got their thang but at least we can admit it right? Today the Mamas talk about their little dirty (or not so dirty) secret. Give it up ladies! What's your poison?

Liz's makeup drawer
So much little time.
Liz: If you know me, if you see me every day, I'm rockin' the t-shirt and jeans and sneakers (since flip flops have been banned due to lack of support). My hair's all frizzy (thanks to natural curls and Texas' humidity and random rain), and maybe, just maybe, I have some earrings on. What you wouldn't see is my makeup collection. Wait, what?! I am a makeup collector. I have two drawers and a basket on the sink of this stuff. Primer, base, foundation, eyeshadow (powder and other sorts), eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow color, eyelash curler...the list goes on. Nail polish like you wouldn't believe. Sparkle and glitter galore. Professional brush kits. Most of this stuff barely sees the light of day. But I keep buying it. Why?! Because it's just so pretty! And one day (never) I will wear it.

Robyn: I kiss other people a LOT. Wait, that came out wrong. I kiss my family a lot. Hello, goodbye... just because. The boys' heads, Reagan's cheeks and I can't resist my hubby's lips. It's not actually the kissing I'm addicted to. It's what happens afterwards. To my lips that is. They always end up dry. Not like flaky, and peeling (Gross!). But it's just that feeling when I know something needs to be on them. Like a pre-emtive dryness. Like a lip pick me up, if you will. Yes, world, I am addicted to Chapstick.

Bibliophiles we all
We be book people
Lisa: My addictions are kind of boring. I am a bibliophile, so I love having books of all kinds all over the place, and yes they do get read/loved many times. I also collect elephant figurines because in my culture, if you put elephant statues with their butts facing the front door, it brings good luck into the home. I have also, since forever, collected dolphin figurines. I love dolphins so much, I even got a tattoo of them! Pisces and dolphins=great mix!! 

So what's your thing? What do you collect? What fills the nooks and crannies of your abode?