Saturday, September 28, 2013

Top 5 things I've mastered as a Mommy

As a multi-tasking Mom, I've mastered many things. These are just some of them.
5. Eating fast. It has no longer become enjoyable to eat, but more like a mad dash to sustain energy. From breakfast sandwiches to spaghetti, I can scarf down anything in 60 seconds. 

4. Multi-tasking while multi-tasking. It's amazing how I can drive the kid to an appointment, drink morning coffee, curl my eyelashes, schedule the hubster a separate appointment, make a grocery list, call in prescription refills and wish my BFF a happy day all while driving. 

3.  The 'mom rock'. Even while standing in line at Target. By myself. With no kids hanging off my hip. I later realize I should've turned around and yelled at my invisible kids and noted peoples reactions! Heh heh heh. 

2. Falling asleep. 15 min power naps are always refreshing...Even if it is on a bench with sunglasses on.

1. Toe dexterity. I can pick up socks, clothes, toys, fuzz, and even leaves! Next step, hello cooking dinner while sitting down?!

What about you? What could you add to this list? What have you mastered as a Mommy?