Thursday, September 26, 2013

Phone reminders, Volunteering, and mayhem

I actually love volunteering, but every once in a while, I really dread being called in to help out at the spawn's school. There are some days where I really just don't want to do anything but sit somewhere and read. Just take a break from the hubbub of homework, routines, and whatever else the day throws at me. Unluckily for me, I set a reminder alarm for absolutely everything so that I don't forget and have craziness ensue.  I had a day yesterday of only alarms, mayhem, and volunteer time. Sigh!

It started out as any other day. I got the girls ready for school, packed lunches, got in the truck and dropped them off at their respective schools, about 5 minutes away from each other. Easy, right? I thought so too! I went home and got some chores done, let the wolves out, and actually read for five minutes. Then, the reminder alarm on my phone went off. Yup, I had forgotten that I had an appointment with my OBGYN to check on Cubby. Ooookay. Now comes the long drive to Walter Reed Hospital. Oh boy!

I managed to make it super early to my appointment, only to find out that the midwife was running 45 minutes behind schedule. No matter, I thought, I have my book and it is all good! I was just settling in to a great adventure with Rachel Morgan(main character in the Hollows series by Kim Harrison), when the nurse informs me that I need to get my flu shot. Oh! I didn't even think of doing that! No problem, I shut my book and walked to the tent they set up for flu shots at the hospital, got my flu shot, and went back to the waiting room to wait for my appointment to get underway. This certain midwife is NEVER on time and I don't like getting her. She feels that by hugging me, I will forget that we are now 2 hours into an appointment that should have started ages ago.

As I was settling in to read a little bit, my reminder alarm on the phone went off. Again?! Oh sweet God! I had to volunteer for the parent meeting in the evening, which was now only two hours away. How did I forget this? I really try not to forget but my energy was gone. See, at Pixy's school, every family has to put in a certain amount of volunteer hours by the end of the year. Most vet parents, like me, schedule their volunteer hours early on in the school year, so we don't have to scramble to fill those hours later on. If there are any hours not completed by the last week of school, you have to pay a certain amount of money to the school, so that they can keep tuition low. It's a nice arrangement and everyone really does take advantage of it, if anything, just to spend a little time with their kids outside the home.

Truth is, I really do love going into the school and helping out when I can. I feel like I am doing something important for Pixy and her school, as well as teaching her the value of hard work and service. But, as I rushed through my appointment, jumped in the car only to get stuck on 95 traffic, I really just didn't feel like doing anything. My flu shot was kicking in and I was positively exhausted. I so didn't want to go sit at a parent meeting, that could possibly last for hours because it was the first one of the year.

I made it home in record time and asked the Sailor to drive me to school and help me for a bit. I am usually helping with the setup of the hall for the meeting but with my 6 month bump, I help where I can. Dude, he saved my butt! I was able to sit and help with laying out the uniforms for the Used Uniform Exchange and rest a little bit. Just those couple of minutes really helped recharge my battery! I was able to greet the parents coming in, hand out information, and just chat with the other parent volunteers. It was nice and added bonus, I was able to sit in the back of the room, listen to the meeting, and reboot. I was hoping it was going to last.

Problem: It was getting late, the meeting was still going, and I was fading fast. So fast, that I started to play with my phone to stay awake and alert. I came to the conclusion that it was not going happen. I called the Sailor to come get me, right as the meeting was drawing to a close. I made it!

Part of me felt silly, I mean, I was dragging and there I was, trying to get things done all because I always keep my word. I am sure that I am not alone in this. Lots of Mamas do this. We overschedule or underschedule, only to have things pile up in the matter of seconds. I am not going to lie. Today, I am taking it super easy to get these elephant cankles to ease up a bit. I have a date with my book in a little bit but before I do that, there has to be a lesson in this, right? I know it. I mean, besides organizing things a little better and pacing oneself so as to not create total mayhem. I am too tired to see the big picture now, but I am sure it will hit me eventually. Sometimes, the greater lesson is just to take a minute and relax.

                                         Have you had a day like this? Fill us in and vent!