Monday, September 23, 2013

Review and Giveaway: How to do a wool dryer ball review

Order dryer balls from Amy at Redhead and Blue on Etsy. Get them super fast. Sniff the package straight out of the mailbox. Mmmm Liz got Spun Sugar Champagne. Lisa got Fall Honey Harvest.
Mmm Spun Sugar Champagne
Take them out of the Ecoenclose envelope (love them by the way). Admire the packaging.
Great packaging!
Read Amy's sweet note (and remember why you love ordering from Work At Home Moms [WAHMs] and homemade crafters).
Amy's cute note
Remove gorgeous dryer balls from package and place them in the dryer.

Lisa's dirty duds.
Wait for someone to dirty some laundry (HA! Wait, I'm a waiting...). Be excited to see how much quicker your clothes dry and how awesome they smell.

Dry clothes.
How cool is the inside of Lisa's dryer?!
Listen to the "thump thump thump thump" of the dryer balls rolling around in there separating the laundry. Smile when you realize what usually takes 80 minutes to dry took 60 minutes.
Lisa's dryer has a light. Totally jealous.
20 minutes off a large load is great (says Tony the Tiger), especially over time!

Order more dryer balls or a scent refresher kit from Amy by using the %15 off code she gave us just for our readers. Didn't get that code in your email? Huh. Are you signed up for our email list? If not, do so here. Subscribers will receive an email with a promo code for 15% off on Monday, September 30 so be sure to register by then!

Enjoy awesome smelling laundry, save electricity, and don't have to use dryer sheets. Love it!

Want to love it even more for free? Enter our giveaway for four wool dryer balls from Redhead and Blue LLC. How to do it?

1) View the options available at Redhead and Blue LLC on Etsy. Choose which color and scent you would pick if you were to win.
2) Comment on this post with the color and scent you would want.
3) Use the Rafflecopter form to gain entries. You only have to technically do the first one, but the other ones can gain you more entries.
4) Share with your friends!

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  1. I would want the redhead..... :D

  2. I LOVE wool dryer balls! I'm so addicted to them and am ashamed to admit how many I have. Chez.

    1. I completely understand...who wouldn't after they'd tried them? And with awesome scents...heaven.

  3. Since I love cotton candy, that would be my color choice. I love your posts. You have such a way with words!

    1. I only say what I mean. I think these would be awesome. The maker of the other brand doesn't add scent. I like that we can make 'em so many great smells. We use non-scented fabric softener right now since my son has allergic reaction to scent. I heard that isn't the case with the wool dryer balls. That is why I am excited to try them.

  4. Replies
    1. Well then you're in the right place! Good luck :)

  5. I really like the zebra design and would pick the fresh linens scent.

  6. Okay I have to try these!! I love to try the Rainbow Striped Organic Wool Dryer Ball in either the Spun Sugar Champagne or Quiet Beach.

  7. I like the Mix and Match Rainbow. These are such a great idea!!!

  8. I like the Mix and Match Rainbow! I would choose the scent Cinna-Vanilla Mint.

  9. I would get the sunshine and champagne!

  10. Smores Wool Dryer Ball in Hawaiian Cream Mango!