Saturday, September 7, 2013

If You Give A Mom A Saturday...

If you had the whole day with no children, how ever would you entertain yourself?!

Sleep late. Even if I woke up early I'd still loll in bed for another 30 minutes checking email, then I'd get up and go to Starbucks for a White Mocha and some vanilla bean scones. Then I'd slowly make my way around Target and Lush and buy fun Mommy things. I'd browse a bookstore. I'd get some lunch at Jimmy John's (love their sandwiches) and call Robyn to see if she was home. If she was I'd go hang with them for a bit. If they weren't, I'd probably go to a movie (a new Vin Diesel movie would be good) and have dinner at Alamo Draft House. Then I'd go to bed early. I. Am. A. Rockstar.

Wake up early in the late springtime. (No, I'm not crazy!) I'd be the first in line at Michael Kors to browse, try on and buy the perfect bag. Then, I'd peruse around with my new buy and a tall skinny caramel latte with an extra shot of espresso. (Hell yes to caffiene if not BF'ing) From there, I'd go home, change into a tank top, jeans, a bandana and boots. Only to climb on the back of Mike's Harley. Id slap on some sunscreen and strap my helmet down. We'd ride around all afternoon into the early evening, stopping for beers at random dive bars to quench our thirst. Meeting our friends along the way, and stopping at The Salt Lick in Driftwood for some rockin' BBQ would top of my perfect day!

Lisa: have some time for uninterrupted reading. I don't want to get up to fix anyone a sandwich, or cleanup the latest mess. I just want to lose myself in a good book and enjoy the day that way. That would be the most perfect Saturday!! Ever.

Your turn!! Tell the Mamas what your idea of an awesome Saturday sans kids would be. 


  1. Sleep late, have morning sex, go for a ride in the Jeep followed by a long hike, come home and have afternoon sex, go out for some live music, beer, and vegan food (this is a fantasy in and of itself), and come home late without worrying about how the hell I'm going to pay the babysitter.