Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's All Fun and Games Until...

I have spent the last year watching my boys start to interact (rather than Silas ignore Sage and Sage gaze adoringly at Silas). Today Sage learned to climb on the couch and the arm chair in the living room. He got himself up in the chair, sat all the way back, and started trying to rock it back and forth. The jerky motion attracted Silas who was playing trains. Silas stood behind the chair on a windowsill and pushed Sage's chair so Sage was rocking back and forth. He was of course giggling and Silas was yelling, "Whoa! Whoa!" It was cute to see them interact until I thought of two things.

Mommy and Boys
One, this could go badly and I should stop it. Sage could fall out of the chair, Silas could fall off the windowsill, the window could break...OK let's stop.

Second, I realized that Silas wasn't trying to make his brother laugh. He pushed faster and faster and Sage almost fell out of the chair numerous times before we stopped. Silas was trying to dump his brother. 

Sigh. So much for thinking they were being cute.

I had no siblings. Is this animosity towards a younger sibling normal? What did you and your siblings do to each other as kids?