Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Thank you, Freecycle!

Everyone has their vice/addiction/ what have you. For most Mamas, its the lure of the Target bulls-eye, or fashion, or shoes...for me, lately, it has been Freecycle.

Freecycle is an online group, specific to the area in which you live in, where you reuse, recycle, and repair items that someone is giving away. Why buy new, right? There are no strings attached. All items posted on there by your neighbors are free, the only stipulation is that you show up to pick things up, as you promise. No-shows are in bad taste and believe me, you'd think that just the word FREE would get people over fast enough..but you still have some folks that forget. Sigh!

Lately, with this move, Freeccyle has been my very best friend. I look at things that I won't need in the new house and immediately hop on the computer to offer up the item in the hopes that someone wants it. I want to say that I'm on there every day posting things right and left. It feels good to purge the house and know that someone will use it. I mean, who WANTS to take a trip to the landfill and throw out everything? I know I don't have the time to do that, even if I wanted to right now.

I've scored some cool things from there too! I got a vintage school desk from a Freecycler, a step stool for the potty, a deck toy box, some patio furniture, a twin bedframe, and homeschool materials. It really is easy to do and living in a green community like mine, there is lots of action. So, if you're patient enough, and are willing to put a bit of elbow grease into an item you acquire, you can end up with an awesome score too.

Today, I've posted some kitchen goods, a dining room table and chairs, and some extra cleaning supplies. The dining room set is the only one left. Not bad, for a mornings work. Not bad at all.

Have you used Freecycle? What awesome thing did you score? If you haven't joined your local Freecycle group, here's a link, GO JOIN!: