About Us and This Blog

So many blogs, so little time...so why read this one?

We're three moms - hard-working, multi-tasking, patience having (sometimes?), hobby wishing, moms. We write about things related to parenting, things like relationships, children and their firsts, making time for yourself, hobbies, health, cooking...anything that can happen as a parent, you'll find it here.

What makes us different? 

We're here to show you that your experience is normal. So we show you ours...and sometimes you'll see just how bad it can get. Or you'll see something new that you could try that could help you enjoy your time and your family a little bit more. We share our joys and our frustrations. Because parenting is a group project. Nobody should feel alone in it.

Who are we? 

Liz, mom to Silas (3) and Sage (1), works full-time as a psychology professor teaching social, personality, and child psychology.  She started this blog in 2011 after Silas was born. She loves learning new things, spending time with the Monkeys and Mike (her husband), and watching Law & Order, Bones, The Mentalist, Perception, and The Glades in her free (DVRd) time. She's a self-identified environmentalist, cloth diapering and baby wearing mama, and lover of almost all things chocolate.
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Lisa, mama to Pixy(5), Banshee(3), and incubator to Cubby, and Navy Band wife. She graduated from UMBC with a BA in English Literature and was teacher number 32 in her family. She has taught and substituted in all elementary grades, but her favorite is fourth grade. At one time, she worked down the hall from her dad(taught 5th grade), and her mom was the school counselor. Watching children learn and succeed is better than chocolate! She loves reading, writing, and hanging out with her little wolfpack (when they're not out hunting something). She is positively obsessed with NCIS and Ghost Hunters, and admits to going to the drive-in movies a LOT. She is a "try everything once and learn from it" kind of chick, believes life is a huge "teachable moment", and that music is a way to deliver a message when words fail.

Robyn is a wife to Mike and a mommy to 4 (a nursing newborn girl, and three boys: a kindergartener son, a 2nd grade special needs son, and a freshman step-son). While working towards her bachelor's degree she decided to enlist in the Air National Guard as an EMT in 2011. She currently works at home kissing boo-boos, mending scrapes with Band-aids, teaching lessons, encouraging outside play, and baking for fun. Mike and Robyn love out of town trips (with and without kids). Her favorite season is summer, and she frequents the beach as much as possible. Her biggest pet peeve is a dirty floor and clutter. She loves being tan, pedicures, earrings, Coach, lifting weights, eating healthy (minus wine and chocolate), and riding on the back of Mike's motorcycle.

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