Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Book Spine Poetry

Today Mama Lisa has a fun activity to share with you - book spine poetry!

I have a fun little habit of reading the spines of books and creating fun poems out of them. I'm not sure how my little hobby started, but I remember teaching all if my students how to do it. I confess it was part of my plan to take over the world. Regardless of my ulterior motives, it's a fun quirk that is fun to indulge.

Every summer, our local library system has a summer reading club for children and adults. I always register the spawn and we always have a fun time doing it. This year we went to register early and I struck up a conversation with the librarian about book spine poetry. She confessed that she never felt good enough to take pictures of her poetry but pulled up a site where someone had taken care in choosing and posting pictures of book spine poetry for a National Poetry Month. I think I may have squealed in delight at all the fun poems that were born out of chance(books that were casually thrown on a table in random order), the 2-3 spine poem, and the more involved book spine work.

It was an amazing find that I immediately shared with the spawn! So, in addition to our summer homeschool, our summer library reading program, and general summer fun, we are going to create some book spine poetry and document it. I have a feeling some laughs and lots of fun will be had!

If you've never done it, it is super easy. Grab a couple books from your bookshelf, read their titles and arrange them to say "something", place them in order, check it, take a picture and have fun with it! Mix genres of books to get some off the wall poems, it plan your poem for an involved piece. Roll with it!

For more inspiration, here are some neat examples shared with me by the awesome librarian at our local library:

Have fun, READ, and share your poems with the MATHs! We'd love to see them!!