Monday, September 9, 2013

That guy

Even though you're not asking for it, here's this Mama's daily advice: Be someone other than THAT guy.

C'mon, you know him! He is old, young, smart, dumb, tall, short, well-dressed, as dumb as a box of rocks, in a wife beater and/or in a business suit. Heck, he can even be a she!  Either way, they've  got that "screw you, here's to me" mentality. This makes their first name THAT and their last name GUY!

Wait...ummm....oh.....Yep! A visual has registered and you are now picturing that guy. (Hopefully its not you! LOL)

Part of the problem is that these people don't know when they're being 'that' much of a douchebag! 

"Why yes, I'd love for you to pull in to the only diesel tank in the gas station...when you're driving a Civic (Clearly not a Diesel engine). Never mind the 5 open gas pumps that you could've pulled into. But, no. You chose this one. And, this diesel that I'm driving, yeah, guess what?! It can't run on gas, which makes this pump (hmm...the one that you're at) our only source of fuel. So, yes, that IS a glare in my eye while I listen to a screaming baby is in the backseat while waiting for your...self. I'm disgusted that your mama didn't teach you how to be considerate and know what's going on around you. I'm disgusted that your lazy butt is even lazier than I thought!"

But, no that's not for you. You're better than that! Don't be that guy. 

Be the guy who waves on a two way road while an oncoming motorist passes you. Make them wonder "WTF? I wonder why they are so happy" Be the guy that takes a moment at the grocery store. A moment that notices that the guy behind you only has a handful of items. Do something nice, let him go before you so you don't keep him waiting with your overflowing cart. 

It's called kindness. Kill people with it.