Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Night Time Cloth Diapering - What Works for Us

Most parents who cloth diaper eventually realize that cloth diapering (CDing) at night can be a challenge. After 3 years and two children, I (Liz) have found what works for us. But what works for one child may not work for another. Some kiddos are heavy wetters. Some kids change what works for them at different parts of their small lives. So what have worked for your littles?

Liz: Silas (age 3) was almost always a heavy wetter. For most of his diapering nights I used Sustainablebabyish (Sbish) organic bamboo fitteds (OBFs), a Gen-Y Classic cover (a PUL waterproof cover), and Sbish wool of some sort (shorties or covers mostly). If I didn't use the PUL layer then I would have to wash wet bedsheets every night but now that he's almost potty trainined, he can go without the PUL layer. For Sage (14m) I used the same combo until he finally slept through the night. I realized that the PUL layer was probably making him hot so he'd wake up, so I only use an OBF and lanolinized wool for Sage for nighttime.

Lisa: I had a challenge with overnight diapering because both girls were in cloth diapers at the same time. Eep! Pixy(then 2) and Banshee( then infant) had very different body types: one was skinny-Minnie and the other was built like a quarterback--even in infancy! I found the best thing for both was a Tiny Tush OS pocket diaper, stuffed with the Tiny Tush inserts and an additional Joeybunz hemp insert. It was bulletproof, as it kept Pixy's toddler pee from saturating her diaper, and it kept Banshee dry and comfortable through most of the night(or at least through that nighttime feeding). Nighttime diapering is probably the part that takes the most experimentation, since no child is the same. Even in the same family! 

Robyn- So far, we are only 2 months into CD'ing with baby #4. Thankfully, she is not an overflowing waterfall of a mess at night. The boys, on the other hand, would have to be pointed down (hey, that's important!) and changed every two hours. Their kidneys functioned at full capacity!!! For Reagan, we use a fitted cloth pocket diaper, with an insert. Then, we use an old school, white plastic cover to keep in the wetness. It holds up overnight, so we must be doing something right. Holla!

What has worked well for your CD'd little one? Share with us in the comments - give some new options to some mamas who may be tired of the wet sheets!


  1. Sbish OBFs and a wool cover of sorts, usually Woollybottoms. This has been bulletproof for all of my kids and I don't foresee changing this routine...ever! <3