Sunday, September 1, 2013

What We Learned this Week- September 1st Edition

Huh. Another week has zipped by and more learning has been going on Around The House. Here are the Mamas...

                                             What did you learn this week? 


1) I learned that being prepared for things really does help. I've been making an effort to wake up earlier in the mornings to get lunches ready, uniforms ready, and backpacks all set. It helped me ensure that all homework was done and that no one panicked on me on the drive to school: "Mama, I forgot blah blah blah." I feel like I've had pretty easy mornings this way, even though I've been tired earlier because of it.

2) Laughing is good medicine. I think I've underestimated the power of a good guffaw. You know, the kind of laugh that comes from your gut! I found a funny meme graphic that had me in stitches for a good hour, minimum!! It doesn't matter if you have a good day, a bad day, or an in-between day...laughing really helps to give you an energy boost. Here's hoping that I find more funny things to laugh at when I'm knee-deep into this move.

3) My children have just discovered The Pink Panther cartoons and think it is the awesomest thing ever. These are also the children that like watching old school cartoons in black and white. Why is this a lesson? Well, I think sometimes as PU's (parental units), we get caught up in buying them the newest movies, 3D this, extra Hi Def that...when just exposing them to some cool cartoons from wayyyy back then will do. They still think Popeye is weird. I mean, their Sailor doesn't look like that! ;)


1. I've learned that stay at home moms need a wake up call. Here it is...Listen up, take 10 min to blow dry your hair, get out of your pajamas, and apply some mascara before taking your kid to school. You never know who is looking up to you, so set a good example. I'm tired, you're tired, we're all tired. Start exercising 3 days a week, and your energy will bump up after the first two weeks. Get it right, get it tight mama's! 

2. PMS = No Sympathy week

3. I've learned I can't make everyone happy all the time. But, I can have 2 out of 4 happy kids at once. Give them candy bars (Why did that just remind me of super troopers..anyone??) before a Visitation weekend. Muahahaha. 

4. Every splinter and microscopic scrape has been the 'seriously, the worst pain of my entire life' to Kasen this week. Dude. Really? Of all weeks, you have to pick this one? No sympathy mom has to bite her lip when trying to explain the pain scale. Somehow, I don't think '10 being the worst pain ever' should be described as 'pushing out a baby through my Lady Bits right as the epidural wears off' 


1 - Feeding a 14m old while traveling by car is probably one of the most PITA things I've experienced. Silas can feed himself well. Sage, not enough teeth to eat his own chicken nuggets. Thankfully the children do not outnumber the adults and we can each take a child to feed.

2 - Technology is great until it's not. At the college I teach at our Internet stuff was down more than it was up this week.  Try teaching online classes in that crap. I'm pretty sure we actually experienced a cyber attack which I found interesting. Who does that?!

3 - I need more estrogen in my house. I need more glitter in my life. My house is filled with dinos and dragons and Hot Wheels and Ninjago and blue and skulls. I need some girly in my life. Somebody send me some pink or something. I may just have to be a ballerina for Halloween, tutu and all. Don't question it, I'll do it.

  How about you, friends? What did YOU learn this week? Share with The Mamas your lessons for the week!