Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Family in Need of Prayers and Appreciating Donations

Your child is in pain.

*Cue the parent's nightmare*

His doctor calls and tells you to head to the closest big hospital for testing. Scans indicate a mass. Biopsy indicates the mass is malignant.


If you're a parent, you may be tearing up, and we're right there with you. Lisa and I (Liz) know of a mama who is experiencing this scenario this very day. This very minute.


The family doesn't have insurance.

So not only are they dealing with the stress of a new diagnosis of cancer, they're looking at medical bills that none of us can believe.

As I write this I look around my home office at the pictures of my boys and I cry. Because I don't know what to say. Because I wish I had better words than "I'm sorry." And because I wish that we could fix it. Pixy dust, magic princess wands, poof! No more cancer.

But we can't fix it (unless you're an amazing oncologist - if so, message me). What we can do is pray for the family (or whatever it is that you and yours do, think good thoughts, keep them in your heart...). And if you can, you can make a donation. $5. $10. $20. $20 can pay for gas for the family to get to the hospital for treatments. Heck, $1,000 can pay a bit of bills. Wish we had an extra $1,000...And I know most of our readers don't. But I bet you could contribute $5. Imagine if everyone did. Last month we had over 2,000 views on the blog. That could be $10,000...

I sent my $5. Can you send yours? Every little bit helps and is greatly greatly appreciated.