Wednesday, August 28, 2013

That One Piece of Cloth Diapering Wisdom

All three Mamas have cloth diapered at least one baby and continue to do so, so they must be doing something right! If you were to give a new mom (or soon to be mom) one bit of advice about cloth diapering, what would it be?

Robyn: Cloth diapering has evolved since the days of pre folds and diaper pins. They aren't your mamas old diaper anymore! With so many choices, brands, styles, colors, and patterns, cloth diapering is fun! It's like picking out an under-the-outfit, outfit for your little tyke. Watch some YouTube videos, experiment, fail and succeed. Plus, it makes you feel more accomplished about saving the planet, and saving $40+ each month in disposable diapers. Win, Win!!!

That cute baby is wearing a cloth diaper
I would tell anyone interested in learning about cloth diapering that they can totally do it. I've met a few moms who say they are interested in trying cloth but are worried that they may ruin the diapers (and thus lose their initial investment in diapering). To this I say, "Honestly? There's not much that you can do to them that I can't fix." Stains? Dealable (and still usable). Leaking? There are reasons (and we can figure them out). Too bulky? There are options (specific brands) for that. Not a lot of money? Prefolds and covers. Smells? There's a reason (or two) and we can figure them out. Don't get overwhelmed and quit (or quit looking into using cloth). It's totally do-able and there are lots of resources to help you.

I would tell anyone that wanted to cloth diaper, that it is easy. Imagine not having to run to the store for diapers if you run out, just run the washing machine and you're set!! They come in great prints, colors, and styles, which caters to just about every lifestyle out there. You can use them at daycares that are cloth friendly, take them on trips, you name it. Educate yourself on what type of diapering system fits your lifestyle and budget, take some cloth diapering workshop classes (offered at most local cloth friendly stores), practice on a doll or teddy bear. Don't feel overwhelmed! You can do this!

Have questions about cloth diapers? Post them in the comments and we can help you!

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