Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things We Learned This Week (August 18th edition)

The Mamas are back with what they learned this week. In no particular order they are...


1. Sean made a new best friend with a frog he found. I know this because he asked if his friend could come inside. He proceeds to come in with his hands behind his back, head to the side, and til-toe'ing (I think to try and go unnoticed.. "Nice try mister. Where's your friend, Sean?" He opens his hands literally 2 inches from my eyes and yells "TA-DA!". Whoa kiddo! Now, we get to work on a personal bubble lesson :) He grabbed a bug jar, and headed out the back door. When he went to revisit him later that afternoon, he learned a lesson. Frogs that are left in a jar in Texas heat end up looking like tanned leather! Yes, my son fried his bestie. Instead of offerering to have frog legs for dinner, i offered my motherly version of a service. We had a burial with plastic shovels and a tree limb cross... RIP Froggie. BTW, Kasen is still upset and crying about their loss.

2. Halloween e-mails have been flooding my inbox this week. Not to mention any names...*Ahem* Spirit Halloween *Cough*... 3 emails a day is too much when were still trying to focus on back to school at the moment. Seriously, calm your pants down.

3. When your teen is in their room with the door closed: always, always, ALWAYS knock. Then, WAIT for a response before entering. Some things cannot be erased from a parents'mind.

4. Lastly, I started wearing pre-pregnancy shorts this week. Well, let me clarify. I wear them around the house ONLY. The muffin top is too big to go public, but I consider it motivation to eat the right stuff. It's easier to eat fat foods (woot woot for cheesecake!) in fat pants (Victoria Secret sweats, anyone?) than fat foods in skinny shorts (dont wanna bust those Jessica Simpson forever cuff shorts at the seams!) BUT, id rather be a skinny biotch than natty fatty, so here's to almond butter and celery sticks, folks!

It was a rough week, but nothing that a long run and a beer can't fix. Here's to this week!


1) Took a trip to my happy place, Amish Country in PA, and went completely unplugged. It was so refreshing. We all rebooted, ate delicious food, played with our friends, and had a blast.

2) The spawn are ready for school. They have all their supplies, their clothes and, the incessant whining to get to school NOW has begun. Not sure whether to be happy or just shake my head at all of it.

3) Sailor has started to play with my baby bump every single time he enters the room I am in. He shakes the tummy and tries to get Cubby to move around, which always works. They're banding together already. Very, very dangerous!

4) Never assume that your littles don't eavesdrop on your conversations. They seriously know everything. I overheard the girls mentioning to the Sailor my plans for his birthday. They told him everything: dinner plans, presents, special day trip or something....ALL of it. Lesson: close the door or wait until they're napping. Meanwhile, I have to find a way to change all birthday plans, so the Sailor is surprised still. Sigh!

1) The easiest way to get Silas to eat something is to threaten to eat it yourself.  Obviously this only works if I'll actually eat it.

2) If you don't want an infant to play with something, ignore their attempts to play with it otherwise they'll find the value you do in it and continue to go after it. My friend Michelle has an amazing tea set from her travels on a low shelf. Silas broke a cup 2 years ago. Sage is after the rest. Incessantly.

3) It's not really something I learned, more of something I remembered this week: I miss my friends in Victoria. Being here for a little bit makes me remember what it was like to have lots of people around to talk to and hang out with <3

4) Silas told me this morning, "I can't have a banana! I'll get big!" That's the goal right? So don't eat bananas, you'll get big. Then as Mike was walking in from just waking up Silas said, "Look! It has a 'dicker for me!" meaning the sticker on the bananas. Ummm, he started. "Sticker babe."

What did you learn this week? Anything fun? Share it with us! We love to learn new things too.


  1. That frog behind the back, reminded me of a time I lived on an island that had these little frogs that could forge themselves through the car windows, and always waited till you were comfortably seated to try to get out.
    Frogs freak me out.

  2. I learned not to drink my coffee and read your post - just sprayed my keyboard over a 'fried frog' :)