Thursday, August 22, 2013

Does that make me crazy?

Road trip? Just the hubby, baby and I? Overnight? Baseball game? Sign me up coach! 
Wait..Scurrrrrt (tires screeching) Hold up!

As I start packing, this is what runs through my mind:

Wait, holy (insert favorite 4 letter word) do I have enough outfits and jammie's for Reagan? OMG what if she leaks through. Okay, I'll need atleast 3 more pairs. *Run back upstairs* What if the sun is in her eyes in the car? Crap, can she get sunburned through the windows of the car? Is that even possible? Car manufacturers must think of these things while building cars. Okay, think trip, Robyn...on the way out tomorrow, we'll need sunscreen too, just in case. Plus wipes because all we use at home is cloth ones, not disposables. We still need to look for a baseball T-Shirt to support my Texas Rangers, too. Geez, I should just go to the store now. Just suck it up and go this late at night. Oh wait, it's tax free weekend. The crowds will be insane. No getting in and getting out of these stores when Mexico has migrated up here for the weekend. Seriously at 9 at night, I'm sure there is a line of weirdos at Walmart with shorts on with their cheeks hanging out. Nope, not the ones on their faces! Butt cheeks, and maybe some frontal cleavage hanging out too. UGH! I almost lost my dinner. Something tells me 'bootylicious' is written across the cheeks of those daisy dukes (look a likes, posers!) in purple glitter that has been thru the wash too many times. Their all faded and straight up on a nasty mess of a girl who thinks she is sexy. Really, just a bath would make that retchet thing climb a notch up on the nasty tree that she's hanging from. Plus, there's bound to be only one teller open. You've seen her, and you get stuck in her line when you're in a hurry. It's that slow, retired, elderly woman who (moves like molasses) has a night job just so that she can talk to someone else besides her husband. She's so slow, it's like watching paint dry. It's torture!!! I'm sure she's been married for 60 years. She's done with snuggling up to her husband on the couch like during the 'newlywed' phase of marriage. They both have separate recliners on opposite sides of the living room now. He's going blind, she's nearly deaf. They battle back and forth of "WHAT?"'s and "SPEAK LOUDER YOU OLD BAG!" The two eat in silence at Jim's (best breakfast in Texas BTW!) 5 days a week. Wow, I never ate dinner. Sheez, I'm hungry! I could totally go for a western blend breakfast taco with a side of buttered hash browns and a cup of fresh strawberries with bananas tomorrow morning. That with a cup of coffee (decaf, remember? Still BF and want baby to sleep on the road trip tomorrow)mmmmmmmm...

Then, the thoughts just cease. I must've passed out on the couch, because I wake up in a pile of drool and a dry mouth from keeping it open (and probably snoring) for who knows how long. Thank goodness I didn't wake the baby! Better creep up the stairs, and snuggle with my hubby (who I can also hear snoring once I open the bedroom door), and relax before our first out of town trip with our daughter.

Maybe it's more exhausting for mommies just thinking about the mini vacay than actually going on it. Am I the only one that thinks like this, or is it validation of me actually being branded as crazy? 

Mommy note: **Everything went perfectly to plan on Reagan's first road trip! She even slept through the night! We had a blast while the boys got to get spoiled (rotten) by their grandparents**


  1. That's great news. My mother says I used to love the car when I was a baby so a road trip was probably the perfect holiday! Hope you have loads of great pics!

  2. I flew from the UK to the States with my firstborn when he was 6 months old - he has been an awesome traveller ever since.
    Now he's 18 and he carries the bags it's much easier!

  3. That totally gives me hope for the future. I can foresee mommy/daughter shopping trips down Rodeo Dr. in Beverly Hills....wait! Dreaming again ;)