Saturday, August 3, 2013

Meet Lisa

As I've shared this week, the blog is expanding. We're adding Mamas and they're amazing ladies. Today I'll introduce you to Lisa in her own words.

Lisa and the wolf
Hey! I'm Lisa. I'm a mama to Pixy, Banshee, and incubator to Cubby, and pack leader to two naughty wolves. I'm an avid reader of books, lover of music, bird watching and nature, great singer....and a bit crazy. How crazy? I married a musician (he plays trumpet). We love life, food, and lots of noise. That's "normal" for us....if there is such a thing as normal...Ha!  

Please help me welcome this amazing mama to the Around the House crew. What questions do you have for her?


  1. Welcome, Lisa! I love that you're a bit crazy :). Great to meet you.

  2. Hi Lisa. great to meat you. I look forward to sharing some tips.. I am sure we might be able to help each other out.. I have 3 boys under 4... and she wants another one...