Friday, August 30, 2013

50 Shades of Him

Ooooohhh...yep, that's it! I think: How does he do it? Oooh, and so well!!

It's his amazing hands that know how to get into every crevice and just rub it out. He won't stop, and never gives up until he's completely done. Sometimes he sweats, it just depends on how fast he's working. I swear, my man is so determined to get it right. I can hear the water running, and I know it's piping hot. He likes it hot. Hot and steamy. In the midst of everything going on in our lives, I think 'how does he do it? He knows exactly what I want and need done. Its never the same when I try to do it myself. I mean, I can get it done solo. But why, when i have him? But, he just does it so good. He's so thorough and provides complete satisfaction. I wish you could see the sparkle in my eyes when he's done. 

He just gave me a Cleaning-gasm! In case your wondering, this is something that can only be achieved when he cleans up after dinner so I don't have to.

Yes, my man cleans my kitchen every now and then.

And that, my friends, is how you know that you truly love your spouse. When he can do the smallest things and excite me from across the room.