Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School Mode – Mommy Beast Mode?

Are you in “back to school” mode? If so, be sure to check out our affiliates on the blog (the banners on the right side of the page when you view the blog). 
EcoLunchboxes are fantastic ways to tote your edibles to school (or work) – view a video from the creator of EcoLunch here to see why she created these stainless steel bento boxes. Amazon.com has an overwhelmingly awesome selection of back to school supplies (droooolll…I love school supplies). 
Zulily offers great deals on clothes (and…erm…other things that mommies might like such as mommy clothes and household stuffs). Next week you'll be able to find discounted stuff from Teva, Birkenstock, and lots of other retailers so be sure to check them out daily.
Abe’s Market has great natural food (and other) items to send your health-conscious family members off to school and work with. 
Overall, we have a great group of affiliates. Be sure to consider them when you’re making purchases. We try to make sure that the affiliates we choose are a “good match” for our readers and for our topics, so hopefully they’ll help you too. Be sure to visit our affiliates by linking through the blog (it tells 'em that we sent 'ya)!


  1. I think google preempted your affiliates. ALl I am seeing is the school bags I just looked up in e-bags. Fortunateley, I have no back to school purchases at this time.