Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Oh Personality - #12WeekBlog Post Week 2

Welcome to the second week of the #12weekblog posts. If you’re wondering what that is, it’s a group of bloggers who are all writing about the same topic every week. The prompts are sent out on Mondays and you have all week to write. Want to join in? Comment on the original post and I’ll get you set up to start!
The prompt for this week:
What personality trait(s) do you value most in yourself? Which do you wish you could change?
The trait I most value in myself AND the one I wish I could change sometimes is that I am orderly. Extremely orderly. I do things in order (my order, the order that makes sense). I follow recipes. I spell and write accurately. I learn the rules of things and follow them (unless I think I can modify to make them more effective). I want to learn the best way to do a new thing and follow the instructions.
            This can be good in that I know where everything is when I need it. I know that my classes are ready to be taught tomorrow because before I leave I set everything out for tomorrow’s classes. I know that the boys’ bags are ready for school tomorrow because I swap out what needs to stay home and refill them with new stuff when we get home (not in the mornings when it’s chaotic). I know when my bills need to be paid and how much money we’ll have at the end of the month because I keep track of that all on my computer.
            Why would being orderly be a bad thing? Well, Daddy is anything but orderly. I joke (not really joking) with him that he leaves a trail of Michael around the house when he comes home and I can tell him exactly what he did and in what order just by following the trail. Because I am orderly and he is not, I feel the need to pick up his disorder (as well as that of two small children). He doesn’t appreciate this because, well, he doesn’t think it needs to be done and doesn’t understand why I feel the need to do it, so why should he thank me for doing something that didn’t need to be done in the first place?
            So there you have it. I’m orderly and organized and I appreciate that in my self because it allows me to do my work without feeling rushed or anxious – I know that I already did what needs to be done. If I weren’t this way though, I wouldn’t feel the frustration at home that I do because apparently I’m the only one that feels the need to be orderly.

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