Friday, January 4, 2013

C25K week 1 Day 3 - New Shoes!

Today was my final day of week 1 of C25K. My day was slightly busy (drop the boys at school, shower, go to vocal therapy, come home and make lunch, pick boys up at 4:30) so I worried I wouldn't find a good time to complete my run. In the morning it was 41 and raining which was less than ideal.

New chooze!
After vocal therapy Mike and I made lunch (Paleo salmon salad, super yum) and then I thought well crap, aren't I supposed to wait to exercise after food (yes, 3-4 hours for digestion after a 600-calorie or more meal says a runner's forum), so I took a nap and ran after we picked the boys up. One nice benefit was that my new trainers arrived while I was napping. Sweet!

Day three was pretty easy I have to say. Not, like, so easy I'd just do it all day every day, but when my run portion finished I thought, "I could keep going." I didn't, but that makes me think that I'm ready for next week where the amount of time spent walking and running swap (so 60 seconds walking and 90 seconds running). Since I was doing lots of "short runs," I wore my new shoes today and they felt good. I think I need to wear slightly thicker socks though.

On to Week 2!


  1. Hey Liz! I followed your link over here from the Shrinking Jeans post. I figured as your mentor I should be cheering you on via email AND blog. I love that you're loving running. On to week two!

  2. good shoes are a must!! glad you were feeling good at the end of your run :)