Wednesday, January 16, 2013

C25K Week 3 Day 2 - What a Day

You know when you have those days where it feels like you did everything and then some and you STILL made yourself find time to run?

Yeah, that day was today.

Got up, showered, met a friend at the local cloth diaper store, shopped a little (shh), and then went to work. Left work, went home, ran, showered, picked up the boys, brought them home, met Daddy, and then left to go to a three-hour work meeting. By the time I got home it was 8:45 and Silas was ready to brush teeth and Sage was already asleep in his bouncer. Sigh. It was cute, I told Silas when I put him to bed that I missed him tonight and he told me, "I miss you Momma." Aww.

What today proved to me though is that even in the midst of chaos, I can still find time to reach my goal of finishing C25K. It may not be the most fun day, but it CAN (and will) be done. I do have to say that having a time limit on my run (must have time to shower before I go pick up the boys and thus I only have X number of minutes to do this) made it less enjoyable. It was more about getting it done than enjoying the experience. And I didn't get to stretch as much as I wanted to before starting, so everything felt a little tight. I did make sure to stretch and roll my calves when I got home though. The whole run took me shorter than I expected so I had more time than I thought I would.

Not ideal, but I got it done. And I ran for three minutes straight twice again today. Pretty sweet. I have not looked ahead to next week's schedule yet. I'm kind of dreading it...I'll do it. But I'm dreading it LoL


  1. Awesome job - I'm glad the plan is working so well for you!