Wednesday, January 2, 2013

C25K W1D2 Strangely...Easy?

I set out in my run/walk cycle today with Dee's comment in mind about how day 2 of any exercise program is more painful/stressful than day 1. I told myself I wouldn't watch the timer on my iPhone that told me how much running I had left to do.

Yesterday I did some stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles around my knees, and honestly today I didn't have pain. But dang was it cold. It's 45 degrees in Texas - I give major props to the ladies doing the C25K in the North. Eesh. After a few minutes I had tears in my eyes from the cold, but either it warmed up or I got over it.

Today was actually a lot easier than Monday to be honest. I didn't push myself to be fast, I just pushed myself to keep going. And I did it. No cheating. And it seemed to go by super quick. And my knees didn't hurt. Go me! :)