Saturday, January 19, 2013

Meal Planning - I hate you but I need you

Every week I sit down at the computer to come up with the list of things we'll have for dinner for the week because I hate the daily question, "What's for dinner?" It became such a nasty joke at my house that we'd try to see who could ask it first, and the person who had to answer had to come up with something. Not fun.

So I started meal planning. Saturday or Sunday I'll sit down at my computer and go through recipes looking for what looks good for the week. I'll write down a list of the days (this week it was Sunday through Sunday). Then on the bottom of the paper on the left I'll write the meats I need to buy, and on the right I'll write down the vegetables. I'll make a separate list of spices on another page and check to make sure we already have those (and add those to the list under the meats if we don't). Then I shop. Once I finish shopping I post the list on the fridge so there's no question as to "What's for dinner?"

So what's for dinner this week?

Sunday: Ultimate Paleo Chili - Daddy asked for chili and told his best friend there would be chili Sunday. So there will be chili. Plus it will be good for leftovers for lunch for the week.
Monday: Chicken Burgers - these look so yummy.
Tuesday: Zesty Ranch pork chops with brussel sprouts - we already have some pork chops in the freezer, so this will work out well. And I'm starting a love affair with brussel sprouts. Shh, don't tell Daddy.
Wednesday: Chicken sausage with bacon - easy meal because Wednesday's kind of our crazy day.
Thursday: Caveman strong pizza crust - Thursdays are pizza day, always has been. When we started eating Paleo we started trying a new crust each week (until we find one that we love forever and ever). Still searching.
Friday: Stuffed green peppers - no recipe, but I'll replace the rice with cauliflower rice and we'll use ground beef and tomatoes.
Saturday: Easy chicken dinner - Saturday and dinner always gets lazy around here, so this will be easy.
Sunday: Bacon chicken bowl - again, easy because dinners on the weekends are kind of an afterthought after everyone gets up from their naps and we're like, "Oh crap, it's five already."

Most of the recipes came from PaleOMG this week. If you haven't checked out her website, DO IT. Awesomeness. And she has a cookbook coming out. Score!

Link me to your favorite meal. I'll add it to the rotation for next week.


  1. I think I do have a stuffed green peppers recipe somewhere if you want it