Friday, January 25, 2013

C25K Week 4 Day 3 - Success!

After my knee problems with W4D2, I was excited but concerned about today's run. I'd been stretching and working on my knee muscles, so I felt better about that. I reviewed the KT Tape placement for the knee and wrapped up both of my knees. Seemed pretty easy.

As I was starting to run, I felt the tape on my left knee start to give, so I stopped and fixed it. By the time I was done, both of the outside knee strips were secured to the inside of my sweat pants. Perhaps this is not designed for running under pants? Perhaps I didn't put enough pressure on it as I put it on? Who knows.

But with the KT Tape that stayed I did feel some support and was able to finish the whole workout. Next week is three sets of 5 minutes of running with 2.5 minutes of walking between them. I think I can do that.