Wednesday, January 9, 2013

C25K W2D2 All Systems Tired

It was a rainy day today. Total motivation sapper. But it did stop raining for a bit around 11 am so I decided to kick my ass outside and get my run in. You don't have to be excited to run every day, right? You just have to do it.

As soon as I started warming up every currently moving part of my body cussed at me. As if an "All Systems Failure" light should come on, my hips, knees, name it...were unhappy all at once. But just like when you're driving, I kept walking and they simmered down.

I noticed that my calves felt tight around the same place in my run that they did Monday. I stepped off a curb and there they were. Note to self - don't be running and step down a curb. Maybe that will make for a happier Friday run. Who knows.

I did get some KT Tape today as suggested by my awesome running mentor Erin. Now to figure out how to use it correctly to support my knees! If you've never seen their instructional videos, check them out. I imagine myself covered in tape head to toe and not able to move LoL

If you're doing the C25K too, keep at it! We're doing a great job :)


  1. Great job getting out there! Don't be afraid to run in the rain - just wrap your phone in a ziplock baggie and go for it. I've learned to LOVE running in rain - especially if it isn't a cold rain.

    1. I have images of myself losing traction and busting my ass Bari ;) But I did run in the rain W1D1 so I'm not totally against it. I'd just like to avoid ass-busting ;)

  2. I agree with Bari... rain runs can be fun, but yes, losing traction is not.
    I'm so glad you got the KT tape! The instructional videos can be helpful.
    What did you use to roll your calves? Do you have a rolling pin? Those can work. They hurt like a mofo, but they will roll the knots out. Maybe try that tonight and tomorrow to loosen them up before Friday.

  3. I spent an hour in my garage trying out different possible options to roll my calves and finally found a roll of fence wire and wrapped it in a towel and used that! My husband laughed at me but it worked. I'll try a rolling pin tonight and see if they differ pain-wise LoL