Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Paleo Breakfasting

I've spent the last week trying different Paleo breakfast ideas, trying to find things that are tasty and portable for when I start back to work on the 14th. I know myself - if I can't find breakfast I'll just say forget it and stop at McDonald's or something.

Chocobanana smoothie,
So what have we tried so far (besides the raspberry muffins)? Mike made me a chocolate and banana smoothie which was pretty tasty. I think I could easily get the ingredients ready the night before then blend them in the morning.

Next up - hard-boiled eggs. I've been anti-hard-boiled eggs for so many years I was loathe to try it but it's super easy. Boil water, put the shelled eggs in, let them cook 15 minutes or so, and let them cool. We left them in the water overnight and it was super easy to peel them in the morning. I cut them in half and added salt and paprika shakes. Yum. I was surprised and glad I tried them.

Caveman Crunch - this
won't last long in this house...
Finally - Caveman Crunch granola. Very easy to make once you find all the ingredients. I cooked it for 20 minutes then took it out and shuffled it and cooked it another 10. It turned out perfect. I also used agave instead of honey.

These are all great options, tasty and easy. What easy Paleo breakfasts have you found?


  1. what about breakfast muffins - I think I have a recipe somewhere - but basically they are eggs with veggies and stuff mixed in that you cook in a muffin pan and they keep for a few days - you just grab and go

    my other quick and easy is ham/applesauce and almonds - take a slice of ham, put some applesauce on, a few almonds, wrap and eat - high in protein - really good for post workouts