Thursday, January 17, 2013

Rent or Buy

Since 2011 we've rented a house after our first house in San Antonio was foreclosed on and sold at auction April 4, 2011. I've gone back and forth about renting vs. buying again and it seems that this year that debate may come to a head.

A house down the street from our house is for sale, and Daddy took note of it. I Googled the address and found the house was a foreclosure and was listed for $50K. Daddy asked if we could look at it and I wondered why - we hadn't decided what we were going to do when our lease was up in March 2013. We started to Google other houses that were for sale and we've looked at more than 50 at this point. Finally I asked, "What if we just try to buy the house we're renting right now?" We know its issues, we know what needs work, whereas if we bought another house we may have less of an idea as to what may need work.

So we contacted our relator. We called on Friday and emailed Monday and still no response. In my email I asked what the owners wanted for this home, and I'm hoping that the realtors are looking into the asking price rather than simply ignoring our requests. I'll keep you guys updated!