Friday, January 4, 2013

Raspberry Almond Muffin Recipe Review

As I've written before, I'm a breakfast person. And it needs to be portable. Once we started eating paleo I started looking around for recipes for breakfast-y stuff. The first one I found was posted by the Civilized Caveman Cooking blog. I scoured San Antonio for the ingredients and made us some raspberry almond muffins one night so we could have them for breakfast in the morning. Mike had to try one because he said it had a crack down the side. These are definitely Daddy approved. He's eaten three of them since I made them.

Daddy says, "They'll eat" as
he has another...
Having never had "paleo muffins" or anything that had coconut flour as opposed to "regular" flour, I wasn't sure what to expect. The outcome tasted grain-y-er than what I'm used to in terms of muffins (non-paleo muffins) but they had good flavor and sponge-y-ness. I definitely recommend them! Although I had to cook mine a bit longer than 18 minutes (perhaps user error, maybe stove issues, who knows, but I added an extra 7 minutes and they passed the toothpick test). I will definitely make them again, but I think I may substitute some almond flour for some of the coconut flour. And I'll carry a toothpick - raspberries get stuck in my teeth!

What good breakfast recipes have you found? Share!