Sunday, January 13, 2013

Orgreenic Kitchenware

I didn't buy it.

And Mike didn't buy it because it was "As Seen On TV." He bought it for two reasons: 1) we needed a new pan, and 2) he's always wanted ceramic cookware. It must be the ceramicist in him or something. Regardless, yes, we have and use Orgreenic Kitchenware. Go ahead, laugh. When you're done, I'll tell you why it rocks.

Once you've got it "seasoned" with oil/grease this thing has very little upkeep. Sometimes I use some sort of oil in it, sometimes I don't, and nothing burns. Nothing sticks. We've made eggs and left it uncleaned overnight. It took 1 minute to clean. Same with pancakes.

If we could afford it I would totally "upgrade to the full organic cookware set." But this stuff's expensive (and with reason). 'Tis good. And no, I didn't get paid for this post, I didn't get free stuff to comment on...I just saw a commercial and thought, "I bet you someone somewhere is hating on this because it's As Seen on TV...I need to share..."

You've been informed.