Sunday, January 27, 2013

My Current Obsession - Arm Warmers

Most months in Texas I'm damn hot but December through March/April-ish I'm always cold (while Daddy's just fine). One thing I've found that helps me is arm warmers. Wearing them I can still wear short sleeves or I can layer them under long sleeve shirts.

If you do an Etsy search for armwarmers you'll come up with a ton. Some super cute and reasonably priced, some, like, whoa. I have been enjoying my Sustainablebabyish Armwoolies (sold out of course) and I've been looking for longer options. Enter Bumby Arms. I love Bumby stuff for the boys (interlock wool pants and shorts for over cloth diapers) so I've been contemplating pre-ordering a pair with the Gnome's Naturals buy. Now to choose a color...suggestions??