Sunday, October 13, 2013

What We Learned (October 13, 2013 Edition)

It's Sunday again. Do these weeks seem to fly by for anyone else? It feels as if we just wrote one of these not too long ago... So what did the Mamas learn this week? What did you learn about yourself, the world, or parenting? Be sure to comment below and let us know. Good, bad, or ugly,we want to hear it.

- I learned that my blog posts get my Mom to think about her self and her life and email me and tell me all about them (which I appreciate). It's interesting to think that through reading your child's blog you can learn about them and vice versa. Keep the emails coming Mom!

- I'm learning about how to use HootSuite this week. If you're a blogger and you use Hootsuite, what are your suggestions for how to use it effectively?

What We Learned (October 13, 2013 Edition)
Big boy, playing elsewhere
- I've found that I'm still uncomfortable with Silas going and playing at the neighbor's house. It's not that I don't trust the neighbors or I don't think they're good people. Not at all. It's that I almost feel guilty that they're watching my son. Now mind you, the kids he's playing with are a year and two years older so it's kind of like the other kids are watching him. And apparently he's a very pleasant, helpful, and well-mannered guest (according to the Dad). But it still feels weird. When did you as a parent feel OK about play dates at other people's houses?

- I learned that prenatal vitamins need to be kept away from my wolves. Kai decided to eat some. Granted, his coat looks shiny but the fact remains the handsome devil shouldn't be messing with my pill bottle. Gonna need to put the bottles even higher now. Siiiigh.

- I'm doing a read along of one of my favorite series until the new book comes out. I forgot how much joy I get from discussing new finds in a book I've read a zillion times. It is a good break from the daily things we do.

- I learned that I need to trust in my parenting. We took the girls to a wedding where they were the only two littles there. I think I worried that they would be naughty through it, they got restless a few times. It felt good to hear another friend say how good they behaved. It helps to ease your fears a bit. You're doing the best you can and it shows. Awesome.

College football is actually good. I hated football with a passion a few years. Professional football that is! I've never learned the rules of the game, and don't understand why there are so many breaks! So, Gig 'em Aggies, I guess! 

I've learned that sometimes I just need to take a back road (just like the country song goes). I like to take a break from everyday 'on-the-go' life with a clear road and the seldom cars passing. Going one speed is good. How do you get there? Interstate, to highway, to rural road, to country road. You're welcome. 

I've learned that doggy siting two dachshunds this week is fun, but work! They come from a house where they get table scraps and are on self feeders. Here, not so much! It was work during their eating times, and bathroom breaks outside. Oh, and separating the dachshund mounting our golden retriever! "Mom, what's Dixie doing to Gunner?" Well, son...

So now it's your turn - what did you learn? You don't have to make a list, you can Comment below with one thing you learned.