Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Dr. Scholl's For Her Comfort Insoles

Like many of you, I have a few of those pairs of shoes that just aren't comfortable for whatever reason. Maybe they don't offer enough arch support. Maybe there's not enough heel support. For whatever reason, they're cute as can be, but the thought of wearing them all day makes you want to shudder.

Much of my time is spent in sneakers, but I do have a few pairs of "dressy" shoes (that I usually pair with jeans and a cute shirt, but we won't talk about that). And I can tell you, most of my dressy shoes are "not so much" in the comfortable department. Enter Dr. Scholl's for Her Comfort Insoles.

The purple parts are extra padded
I received a complementary pair of Comfort Insoles from Influenster and was skeptical because I'd never been one for insoles. "If a shoe's not comfortable, it's not comfortable, and that's that," I thought. But I busted out some of my fall shoes one cooler morning and slid them in. The insoles are clear with purple and are squishy. The bottoms have some stick to them but not "I'm never coming out of your shoes again!" sticky. Usually when I wear these shoes my feet feel OK for a few hours, but by lunch time they're off and under my desk. The day that I tried the insoles I forgot I was wearing them. It was pretty cool. A few days later I put the insoles into another pair of shoes and wore them all day with no pain or uncomfortableness. Wearing these in my "dressy" shoes has made the idea of wearing dressy shoes way less cringe-worthy, especially for a college professor who stands up while teaching for half of the day.

Even if you're not an insole gal, try them. You may just like them. I know that I'll definitely keep moving mine back and forth between my fall dressy shoes because they are continuing to make my feet happy while working, and we know how important that is.

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I received a complementary pair of Comfort Insoles from Influenster but the opinions and experiences expressed in this post are my own.