Saturday, October 5, 2013

The MATH Bucket List

Bucket Lists can be great ways to keep up with fun ideas and goals that you have. Keep a list on your fridge of the things you think of and see how many you can accomplish!

Let's see what the Mamas have on their Bucket Lists!! :)


1. Swim with dolphins. Achieved in 2007.
2. Fly an airplane. Achieved in 2008.
3. Read a book on the grounds of Jane Austen's childhood home.
4. Kiss the Blarney stone!
5. Go to a Cirque du Soleil show. Achieved in 2004.
6. Be in two places at once. Achieved in 2007.
7. Run a 5k.
8. Travel to Europe.
9. Watch the Iditarod.
10. Find and use an 'epiphany toilet'. (Yes, it is a reference to Scrubs)
Disclaimer: My list has 100 entries on it and growing!! :) Go me!


- Graduate college (completed August 1998)
Had two babies, check!
- Graduate with a Master's degree (completed May 2003)
- Live somewhere other than New England (completed January 2008)
- Graduate with a Ph.D. (hopefully completed in October 2013)
- Have or adopt a child (completed April 2010 and June 2012)
- Plan and build a house with a fabulous kitchen and a loft
- Complete a 5k (I was registered...then it got cancelled...need to register for another one)
- Go on a vacation with my little family that's not to visit family (no offense to my family)
- Travel to Hawaii

- Go to the WKC with my Mom (Westminster Kennel Club dog show)
- Buy my Dad a boat ;)
- Make a better Bucket List - I've honestly done everything I've ever wanted to.


-Rent a Ferrari for a crazy night on the town
-Drink beers with Kenny Chesney on his boat in St. Croix
-Take a cruise (check!)
-Go ziplining
-Have an outside shower built out of my bathroom
-Place in a figure competition
-Take a flight in a blackhawk
-Travel abroad (Europe, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Australia, China)
-Get a boob job
-Have a corner office with full length windows, overlooking the city
-Ride a motorcycle from California to North Carolina
-Touch a whale's fin

      How about you? What's on your bucket list? If you don't have one, what would you put on it?