Sunday, October 27, 2013

What We Learned This Week (October 27, 2013 edition)

October is flying by! Pretty soon we'll get to ogle pics of Lisa's new little one and be celebrating Christmas or something... So Mamas, what did you learn this week?

This week I've learned that I can feed our family (of 6) for $75 a week! It was a challenge, but I hit the grocery store determined. This weeks menu even includes Chicken Fried Rice, Grilled Chicken and Beef Enchiladas!

Friday is the worst day for traffic and running errands. People are jackasses on the road! Cutting one another off, speeding up just to hit their brakes on the highway, etc. Therefore, I've learned to turn Friday into laundry day, and to not be on the road.

I'm not superstitious...until it comes to the Red Sox in the World Series. Back in 2004, I did the same thing every night that they played. And by golly, they won! This year, hubby stopped watching the game for a sec, and the Red Sox got a triple! He's the bad luck...I feel a goose chase coming on in his bear future during game 4! 

After a hectic week of being pregnant and running around with the girls, Lisa took the week off. She'll be back this week with a post about the controversies surrounding Halloween!

1) I learned that the Big Bad Spam Filter Monster can get us and I need to check it more often. How horrible do I feel when companies reach out to us for promotions/giveaways for you guys and we miss it because it went to spam. *Shakes fist at the spam gods...or devil*

2) I learned I need to be more proactive about Halloween costumes. I really do. I knew what I was going to order from Amazon (which has an amazing costume selection even right now, and fast shipping for you...late me) but just didn't do it until last week. Now I'm fingers crossed that Silas' dragon costume will be here for Thursday. Bad mama! Bad!

What We Learned This Week (October 27, 2013 edition)
Too many clothes...
3) I realized saving clothes from child one for child two can be a blessing and a curse. This is our 18-24 month "wardrobe" for Sage. Apparently someone went a little clothing rediculous previously. My suggestion? 14 outfits (2 per day, wash once or twice per week) for this age. Oye! 

What did you learn this week? Share something fun even if it seems small to you - learning's always big!

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