Sunday, October 6, 2013

What We Learned (October 6, 2013 Version)

Every week we write about what we learned in the past 7 days. So...Mamas learned stuff this past week. Annnnnnddd go!


1. Being a 'Yes' mom makes me want to turn into a 'What the F**k Kid, are you f**king kidding me' mom. This week, I've worked on not saying 'No' right away. So far, so good. By not asking a child if they are 'Shi**ing you' makes a productive week for this mama. 

2. With the help of the Bluetooth Bose speaker, I give Rhianna a run for her money. My voice out powers hers as I turn up the bass. My kid laughed as I was singing and dancing barefoot in the kitchen. Hey, atleast she didn't cry. 

3. Being a stay at home mom makes me pay attention to the news. I am now up to date with trending topics, local news, and am on top of my political game. Big strides, considering I was completely opposite just months ago. Wait, it's just a sign I'm getting old. Eh, Sigh.


We told Lisa to take the week off because she was so tired. Being pregnant will do that to you! Rest up Mama! We love you!
****Wait!! I am here now!****
1. Clutter sucks and midnight cleaning sprees just because you're nesting when you are pregnant, is not necessarily a great idea.
2. Is starting to think that the world might come to an end soon. Seriously, all the things going on in DC, part of our hunting grounds, is getting really scary.
3. Made the girls smile by finding some baby diapers of theirs that my father had saved. They are newborn sposies and man are they small! Time sure flies fast!! :)


Goooo potty!
- Potty training works best with Silas when there's incentives that he loves. We had been trying to get him to #2 on the potty for weeks and finally, apparently, something clicked. He will now tell us when he needs to sit on the "lil' potty" and go. At first any "deposit" in the little potty got him a Hot Wheels, but now it has to be a significant deposit because otherwise it will be the size of a pea and he'll want a car for his effort. We're super excited that he's finally got this figured out.

- Some people who shop on eBay are ballsy man. I had some cloth diapers posted for a huge discount. I wanted them gone but I didn't want to take a huge huge hit on them. This woman emailed me asking me to sell them to her for $20 less than what I listed. As I was writing her back trying to sound nice but offended, she clicked "Buy It Now!" Did she expect I would say yes?! I said no and in my email I told her that if she wouldn't pay what I asked that I would simply re-list them, not a problem. She emailed again asking me to please please sell them to her at a discount because she really needed them. After seeing all of the scams of people trying to buy diapers cheap then re-selling them, I said "oh hell no" (well not to her). She paid my asking price by the end of the day. What the heck?! Are people feeling so entitled these days that they think they can barter with you using pity? Sad.

- I learned that watching scary movies with my husband impresses him. I've always hated anything horror, blood, guts, gore, psychological thrillers are like my threshold. He loves horror movies. I've wanted to see World War Z since it came out, but when was the last time we saw a movie in the theater? Like last year maybe? But he rented it for me and I watched it and he was impressed that I sat through an entire zombie movie without going elsewhere. It wasn't that bad really. Very little blood/guts/gore.

What did you learn this past week? Anything fun?