Monday, October 28, 2013

Flashlight Friends Review

Silas: Oh that a dragon?

Me: It is bud. And it's just for you. Your very own flashlight.

Silas: Reawwy??

My son is three and a half. He is fascinated with flashlights. He loves turning out all the lights and "hunting for treasure" with a flashlight all around the house. I don't mind usually, it's fun. But one night I found a hot flashlight in his blanket when I did blanket checks before I went to bed, and that was the end of that. Most flashlights get hot when left on, and can cause a hazard.

Enter the Flashlight Friend. I received this product from Idea Village to review and the information in this post is my honest and personal review.

Flashlight Friends Review
Flashlight Friends - Dragon

The first night we had him, Silas took his Friend to bed with him. Usually he's up two or three times before he falls asleep. He didn't get up once (and I checked, he was looking around his room with the flashlight). 

Flashlight Friends Review
Silas and his Dragon
Silas loves his dragon. And I do too. Here's why. This thing has some great features. The light is an LED which is cool to the touch. It goes off by itself after 10 minutes. I personally found it slightly difficult to turn on the first time (you push the light twice) but my son took it and turned it on in two seconds. Mommy's feeling slightly techno-delayed.

Flashlight Friends Review
Bright light but cool to the touch
The Flashlight Friend comes in four options: the Dragon (what Silas received), Penguin, Unicorn, and Puppy. My youngest son has been toting the Dragon around the house as well using the handle on the back that's the perfect size for little hands to hold on to it. I have a feeling that the youngest has informed us of his Christmas wish.

Flashlight Friends Review
Super soft and apparently a good hugger

Flashlight Friends can be purchased online and in-store for about $19.99. They require three AAA batteries (which are not included). When we received this the only concern I had was safety - I feared someone might whack a sibling (ahem Silas) with the Dragon but the parts for the light are inside of all the squishyness. I tried throwing it at my husband. He was unscathed.

Overall I would definitely suggest this toy. My sons enjoy it, and if you have a child who is afraid of the dark then this could be very helpful. It can also be used in the car when it gets dark for entertaining the Littles on drives.

Which do you think your child would enjoy most - the Dragon, the Penguin, the Unicorn, or the Puppy? Would it be something they'd be interested in? 

I received this product from Idea Village to review and the information in this post came from my honest and personal review.