Sunday, October 20, 2013

What We Learned (Sunday, October 20th Edition)

First with business...
This has been kind of a big week for us. We've made some decisions about the blog as a team. First, we're going to switch to a 3 posts per week schedule as oppo
ed to a post every day schedule. This means that on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays you'll get your weekly dose of the Mamas. Will there be other posts in between? Sure, but most of them will be relating to giveaways we're sponsoring with other bloggers. Speaking of giveaways, we're trying to provide our readers with some awesome giveaways that they can use (or gift for Christmas), so be on the lookout for those in the coming weeks. Always visit the Giveaway tab (top right) on the blog to see just what we've got cookin'.

How will I know what's going on?

Will we be posting every day on Twitter and Facebook about the giveaways? Not every day. So how will you know if there's one you want to enter? Great question. Become a post subscriber - on the right of this page you'll see "Daily Email Updates? Yes Please!" Signing up there will get you an email whenever we post something new to the page. So then what's the Subscription box above it? That's for folks who want to be on our subscriber list - those folks will receive info about giveaways, upcoming posts, and even discounts from the marketers we work with starting in November. Want in? Heck, sign up for both!

And now...the mamas.

What did you learn this week ladies?


- I learned that Halloween shopping for these children is a beast. Silas switched his thoughts every day, every HOUR on what he wanted to be. Finally I ordered their costumes from Amazon - Silas will be a green dragon and Sage is being a spider. DONE. Now I have to wait the almost two grueling weeks of "Today Halloween mommy?" No baby it's not yet. "Tomorrow?" No, not tomorrow either. *Eye roll* I want to say, Get a calendar kid! Eesh! But we all know that wouldn't help.

- I learned that using certain blog helping tools rock our socks in terms of page views (PVs) and I love it. Being the person that manages the blog, checks the stats, and is always looking for new ways to get us "out there" (not like crazy out there, we're already there, hullo), I'm feeling like what I'm doing is paying off. It's a pretty cool feeling. Keep up the reading hard work ya'll. I appreciate every single reader (maybe a little more the ones who comment though...hint hint).

- I'm pondering vlogging (blogging via video) but I've watched so many bad ones that I don't want to be "that guy," you know? TV blaring the in background, gum snapping, looking like they haven't showered in a month, dogs barking...not so professional right? The thought freaks me out. But it's growing on me. Would you want to see vlogs from our Mamas?

Robyn: While cleaning out a peanut butter jar (to reuse and recycle) I've learned that wet peanut butter feels like dog sh!t. 

I need to add an addiction to my list.. Chocolate, Wine and now Scandal addict. I see the previews once a week...or maybe 4. I wait *patiently* until Thursday evenings for the next episode. Put the kids to bed, grab a square of dark chocolate filled with caramel as I pour my red wine, and then indulge in my guilty pleasure.

I've learned that my kids hide frogs and lizards in the metal tank that belongs to the local water company. The small one that contains the meter, in our front yard. This week: 5 dead ones. Silver lining: Atleast their hiding spot is NOT in the house! 
1. I learned that a road trip with the family is still a fun opportunity to see all kinds of things. From the truck driver picking his nose, to the lady shaving her armpits. Fun times!! 

2. Seriously, manners matter. I had the opportunity to help out at Pixy's classroom and the amount of children who need to learn please/thank you is huge!! takes two seconds to teach this concept and it will help you for the rest of your life. Sigh.

3. I treated myself to a 3D/4D ultrasound, having never had one before. The military doesn't use those, so it was fun. Girls and Sailor went with me and we got to see Cubby's face. He's a wild man, not that I'm surprised, and super fat!! Yay! 

What about you? The one reading this. What did you learn? Don't be shy, share! Comment below!