Thursday, October 10, 2013

8 years...whoa!

On a day like yesterday, October 8th, the Sailor and I got married. Wow. Time just flies by, literally. In these 8 years, we have learned quite a few things from each other and about life in general. We were two young kids, with a typical Navy courtship, who knew that it was time to settle down when we met. Crazy stuff! Even crazier when you find out that I had sworn off marriage! I didn't want to do it. The universe had other plans it seems. So, join me down memory lane! Here are some highlights from those 8 years:

- Me swearing to Sailor that I didn't really mean to flash the crowd of kids at the playground. It was the wind that blew my skirt. I mean, could I really do anything about that?

- Sailor flirting with some girl, finding out it was Katherine McPhee, and then immediately calling me to find out who that was. Yes, folks. He really did do this. I still laugh about it to this day. 

- Me being told by a pimp in Atlantic City that he could buy me bigger diamonds than the ones Sailor was looking at. My answer: Really? Wanna talk? I don't know who was more shocked, the jeweler or the pimp, that I actually answered him. I am a smart ass. Sorry.

- Sailor being kind and taking the time to talk to a grieving family at Arlington National Cemetery, after he bugled. This part of the job can be tough on all trumpet players because they are human. They can feel and see the emotional response of the family as Taps is being played. He didn't have to talk to them, he could have just walked away...but he didn't. That to me is huge.

- In 8 years, we have created 5 children: Angel (in heaven), Pixy , Banshee, Louie(in heaven), and Cubby(in utero). Lots of happiness and sadness, all rolled up into one big package. We cried, laughed, and are aware that we have been blessed. Little miracles all of them.

- My wolf dog, Kai, is still extremely pissed that Pixy was born and they fight like siblings ALL THE TIME. It is getting better, though. They do play together before one decides to push the other and then it starts all over again. He has no problem with Banshee though.

-Our other dog, Juneau, was my Mother's Day present. His number was up at the ASPCA and we rescued him. He was skinny and sick then. It was actually very sad. He isn't very bright but he's a good soul, and I am happy to report that he is now attempting to learn how to play. For the most part, he just sits around. He is learning though. 

- Me sitting in an abandoned neighborhood park while Sailor was on a gig, reading a book in the sunshine. I was visited by a chipmunk, some birds, and a bunny. Best couple hours ever!

- Sailor laughing up on stage as Banshee screamed "Yay!", after it was announced that it was the last song of the recital. This is huge because nothing breaks through to him when he is in the 'zone'. Banshee knows what buttons to push. 

- Me taking Sailor out to a date to see David Sedaris read from his book in Baltimore. What a win! I had a literary orgasm and Sailor laughed his ass off. It was magical!

-In 6 months, my father passed away, we put my mother's house for sale, we moved her into our house,  we found out we were pregnant with Cubby, we put our house up for sale, bought a new one, moved two houses worth of crap into the new one, found that Banshee has an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pixy started Kinder, Banshee started a new school, we are STILL settling in. Sailor has been my sidekick through all of this and I am grateful. It would have been easy for him to wash his hands of the whole thing and keep walking. But, he didn't because he is a rock star. 

Anyway, those are some highlights from our 8 years of bliss, read craziness. I am sure we have some more adventures to take on. Life rarely settles down enough for us to be able to just be still somewhere. Eh, don't know why we would expect anything different. It is the way we are and it works. 

                    Have you any cool highlights from your relationship? Share them with us.