Sunday, December 1, 2013

What We Learned (Sunday, December 1st Edition)

Did you all learn to avoid Thanksgiving food again? What fun things did everyone learn in this hectic week of holidays and family?

1. This week has been a "3-year-old is super sweet" week. Silas has been telling me "You make my heart happy" and that makes me happy. I know that at this age they go back and forth between sweet and "sour" so I'm enjoying the "Mommy I need you" snuggles.

2. After spending 4 days away from home I'm ready for my house and my bed.

3. I need to start running weekly again. Who's with me??

1.The one time you can't deny eating chocolate: when you accidentally leave evidence on the baby!
2. The water company asks "Will you be using dynamite?" (While digging up our front yard to find a massive plumbing leak). Well, yes, I thought: Not only are our neighbors driving by and giving dirty looks for the torn up lawn, but let's piss them off even more with the sound of dynamite going off for 2 days!

3. Late Saturday night, I learned that Hollywood lost a great actor. RIP Paul Walker! 

1. Trying to get labor started by pigging out on delicious food is a myth. I think we all ate like crazy, to be honest, but this year we did takeout instead of me cooking. We ordered out from a local restaurant and it was delish.  My cankles couldn't tolerate the standing in front of the stove. We all had fun and while I did get nasty contractions and am showing signs of labor, Cubby is still in the baby motel. Le sigh!
2. Just because it's a holiday, this doesn't mean that wild things are taking a holiday too. We had lots of deer visit, the groundhog that lives in the backyard stole some bird food, the usual birds came demanding some food, and we had a tick stowaway on one of the dogs. You'll never guess where I found him: on the floor in my bathroom. Oh.sweet.sin. Yuck!
3. Sailor and I are now going through mourning for Brian Griffin, the dog on Family Guy. We loved his humor and frankly, got attached to the character. Can you tell we fall asleep to Adult Swim? We attempted to watch an old episode with him in it and it just wasn't the same. I'm going to be forced to watch The Cleveland Show. Waaah! ;)

What did you learn? Anything fun about your family or its traditions? Comment below!