Monday, December 30, 2013

What We Learned (December 29th Edition)

Our last What We Learned post for the year! How quickly the time has flown by. Before we start, we want to thank everyone who has read our blog this year. We're looking forward to another great year of fun and funny posts and interacting with our readers. We hope everyone enjoyed their holidays and enjoys the new year!

1) I learned that Silas has an amazing heart and is very loving to this Mama. On Monday my joints ached (I have Lupus and arthritis is part of it) and I was laying on the floor in pain after sitting on the floor playing with the boys. Silas stopped playing multiple times to come over and lay down with me. He took my hand and interlaced his fingers with mine and asked, "Does it hurt Mommy? I sorry you hurt." Even thinking about it made me cry. My husband actually took a picture because he didn't realize that was what was going on. I will forever keep this picture to remind me of how loving my son can be even in the face of my pain.
Mamas Around the House Blog
Silas and Liz as taken by Mike

2) I may be proactive but I need to be a little bit more so. We had this great idea for Silas for Christmas. We were going to get a pirate chest and put his "big" toy from Santa in there (a helicopter). I ordered the cardboard chest and didn't open it, assuming it would be big enough. You can tell where this is going. When I finally opened it on Christmas was about the size of a shoe box. Nothing would fit in there. #Christmasplanningfail

1. I've learned how non-absorbent spandex like, stretchy material can be. You see, I had an undershirt on (as a cleavage concealer) with loose pj pants as we all sat down to watch the movie 'Turbo'. As I went to take a sip of beer, Reagan reached up and grabbed the neck of the bottle. HOLY COLD!!! Cold beer down the shirt, between the cleavage, still running down INTO my belly button, and then into the pants. Everyone thought I was crazy when I lept from the couch and ran out of the living room like a mad woman!

2. Being nice can be mistaken for flirting. 
I smile, he smiles. We walk into the store together. 
Random man: 'Hey! What are you doing for Christmas?' 
Silent brain:'You, if I was single'
Reality:'Not much.' 
Smile and walk away. 
One day I'll say it out loud just for a reaction!

Lisa had Cubby's baptism this past weekend and a busy week so she'll be back next week and will write her own post about Christmas and food on Tuesday.

What about you, what did you learn this week? Share with us below in the comments.