Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Toddler Parenting

Liz has two toddlers technically, Silas is 3 and a half and Sage is 18 months. These fit more with older kids than younger kids, but as general toddler observations they're pretty good.

With a toddler (or two)...

The days are long and tiring - you have way too much energy for us.

The breaks are short (or non-existent).

The kisses are often (but sometimes they're just for boo boos).

The "I love yous" are freely given (and not just to get something, that comes later).

Words are repeated (sometimes not good words).

The questions are endless ("Why?").

The mama's heart melts on a daily basis.
     "Mama, you make my heart happy. And you make my dinosaur's heart happy."

The amazement is Awesome (Christmas lights are a favorite right now). And with true awe.

The accidents are numerous, but they're generally truly accidents. Intentional breaking, again, comes later.

Loud voices and mean words make us cry.

There's lots of crying. Especially around nap and bed time.

Emotions run high (and we can't quite figure them out yet, so everything's a BIG DEAL).

Quiet time with Mommy or Daddy is a rarity (so we need to cherish it).

Sharing a quiet moment is truly magical.

I like to swing. A lot. Swing with me. As long as you can. I'll remember that.

Toddler Parenting
Enjoy these moments

As parents, as adults, it's our jobs to know these things and to expect these things, and to use them as teachable moments. We don't throw rocks at our cousin's head because we could hurt them. We don't get dirt on our cousin's computer because it could break. We do hug as often as possible. And we always tell people how much we care for them.

Are you a toddler parent? What would you add to this list?