Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dear Pinterest

Dear Pinterest, 

I've been staying at home since my daughter was born, and doing so has turned me into an addict. I can't help it, I'm addicted to you! "Oh how cool, a wonderful website of glorious things to make, bake, create and have everlasting memories with my children," I thought. Good job Pinterest. You got me! You got me good F*cker! What lies you show!!! Those pins that are ultimately baked in perfection, and that sugar rimmed dessert glass all perfect and such. All the hype of the DIY. You (you inanimate object, you!) make things complicated. You are like a bad relationship: getting my hopes and confidence up, just to watch me fail! This is the last time Pinterest. I am coming back with a vengeance!  Thanks for the love/hate relationship! In the end, I will prevail and make that pin work! (Even if it costs me double what it should have!) You haven't seen the end of me! 

Mama Robyn

This was my latest Pinterest attempt - making Corona glasses for my brother out of beer bottles.

1. Assemble empty bottles, lighter fluid, cold water, string, and lighter.  "Here honey, I need you to drink this 6 pack of Corona," said the best wife ever as I came in the front door on a Sunday. Thanks to the hubby (and his liver) for his 'sacrifice' of helping with my art project!
Step 2:
Safety first! (As I'm not wearing glasses!)
Soak string in lighter fluid and fit it snugly around the bottle of where you would like it to be cut off. 

Step 3
Ignite the string soaked with lighter fluid.

Step 4
Slowly rotate the bottle so that the flame heats up the glass evenly.

Step 5
This step actually doesn't have a picture...but it's where you put the bottle into cold water. 

Step 6:
Another Pinterest fail! 

Step 7
Attempt 4 other bottles, and 1 wine bottle. Then, ask Kasen to dump out the ice water. 

Step 8
Get a good laugh from Sean. We were attempting a science project and he was burying his self in face paint (aka mud!) 

Thanks Pinterest for the epic fail! Is Pinterest really a bunch of men trying to make their wives into crafty homemakers? conspiracy theory starts!