Friday, December 20, 2013

Gift Yourself with Beauty from Julep

Julep Beauty

You've been shopping for everyone else. Your kids, your spouse, the teachers, the bus driver, the mail person...what about gifting yourself? Liz has been a Julep Maven for three months now and enjoys every month's box of beauty goodness. Each month a beautiful box of beauty products shows up at her door (after she viewed the contents online and decided yes, I'll take them, or wait, I want more!). Nail colors you would not believe. Beauty products that make your skin, feet, hands, eyelids...glow.

Did you know that the monthly Julep Maven subscription is one of the best beauty deals available anywhere? 

Each month, Julep Mavens get:
  • Over $40 of products for just $20—customized for your style each month and delivered to your door
  • Flexibility to try one of our five beauty styles each month or upgrade to get them all
  • 20% off and free shipping on other products at
  • Exclusive access to the Secret Store each month
  • First dibs on new products and promotions
You will earn 3% on all other sales including the Gift of Maven, Mystery Box sales, gift sets and individual products, too. During seasonal times Mavens hear about new deals before everyone else - for example, during their 12 Days of Gifting nail colors were discounted AND buy one get one. That's a lot of self gifting my friends.

So what are you waiting for? Try it out. Get a free box this month. If you're hooked on beauty goodness (and who wouldn't be?) then you can continue your subscription. If you're not, gift your box to someone else, put your subscription on pause, or even cancel it (but you won't want to). Become a Maven!