Tuesday, December 17, 2013

An Ode to Bloggers

If you are a blogger who reads our posts (THANK YOU) then this post is for you. If you're not a blogger, read on to see what the experience is like.

In this season of gratitude, I (Liz) want to tell you that I am thankful for all the work bloggers do. This "glamorous" life we lead is filled with bumps and things you worry over, things you work hard on. Things like...

Writing good content.
Staying up late after your day job is done and/or the kids are in bed to write something you hope people will read (and enjoy).
Watching youe email for notifications of comments posted by readers (please? Let me know I'm not just writing to myself).
Responding to any (ANY) comments.
Reading other blogs and responding to their posts in a meaningful way.
Trying to think of ways to engage your readers on social media.
Moderating comments from trolls and/or discussions that may seem to be getting out of hand on social media.
Trying to understand Facebook's newest algorythm.
Chatting on blogger discussion boards about how to reach readers after the newest Facebook change.
Watching your Alexa score.
Hoping your Google Page Ranking will increase - you've been working hard for how long?!
Tracking your page views like some people track their weight.
Searching for giveaways to promote to get your readers cool prizes (and find new readers).
Posting on social media about your giveaways (and keeping track of how many times you've promoted what posts).
Mamas Around the House
Many nights spent like this - so glamorous this blogging

Oh and writing good content.

Reviewing emails from companies asking you to promote their products.
Trying to decide if the product matches your readers and their interests.
Trying to build your subscriber list (list? what list?)
Keeping up with new social media strategies (Google + what? Buffer...hm...)
Making sure each post has a Pinable image (and Pining it).
Oh and keeping up with your Pinterest page.

Coming up with new post ideas.
Making sure someone else hasn't already written exactly what you want to write (and worrying that they have and you just didn't see it).
Keeping it positive (because nobody wants to read your crankiness, really)

Building your brand. Wait, I'm a brand? What is my brand?
Focusing on your niche (wait I'm in a niche?)
Finding ways to make your blog stand out in your niche.

All of these things and more go through a blogger's head on any given day. If you're a blogger, what else do you think about or work on? What did I miss? Leave me a comment to remind me of what I'm not focusing on that I should ;)

Thanks for reading, and again, if you're a blogger, keep at it. Blog for yourself. Write your good content. You'll go viral some day (maybe). And if not, well, make sure you enjoy what you're doing. Because if you don't, well, then why are you doing it?