Sunday, December 22, 2013

What We Learned (December 22, 2013 edition)

Nobody look, but Christmas is Wednesday. Shhh. Don't spook it.
This past week has been pretty hectic. What did the Mamas learn in the process of making it through it?


1. I made it to Christmas break!! No more feeling like I can't get things done in the morning before dropping the girls off at school. I think they were ready for it too. We can all enjoy Cubby more and just putter about the house happily. Woohoo for quality girl time plus Cubby. ;)

2. I found a new series to get hooked on:Getting On on HBO, in addition to Ja'mie: Private School Girl(I'm a die hard Chris Lilley fan).  It is dark and edgy, so it's right up my alley. I love it. It helps me decompress at night, as I have Cubby attached to me a la Chimpanzee baby style. What tops baby snuggles and getting lost in a good story line? Not much, my friends. Not much.

3. We are still debating putting up Christmas lights. Everyone on our cul de sac has some up and we are being grinchy by not putting any up. Haha! Actually, we have plenty of decorations up, just none that light up. Granted, we've been kinda busy but I kinda feel like we end to out up some lights to make our little hood complete. Talk about the oddest sense of peer pressure, huh? ;)

I've almost given up on Pinterest crafts. I mean, they look cool and super easy in the pics. Then, when I try, I get a whole pile of brown mess! This week, I learned to not follow directions (heh heh, rebel!) and go with my gut. The result? 

A pencil holder and a jewelry holder (but don't tell my mom, the jewelry her is her Christmas present!). 

Robyn-2 Pinterest-0

I've learned that my level of productivity goes down during weekends/when the whole family is home? But, what's that feel good hormone? Yeah, that one increases with the more cuddle time you get? Yeah, that's flowing this week. 

1). Never go to a hairdresser you can't speak to. I chose convenience over anything else this past week and it bit me in the butt. I couldn't ask her how long she'd been cutting hair (um...she just graduated). I couldn't ask her if she worked with curly hair regularly. I couldn't ask her if she thought she could cut my hair similarly to the picture I liked and if she thought my hair type would work with it. I couldn't ask any of these things because she only spoke Spanish. Mind you, my Spanish is OK but not "salon Spanish." I can tell someone I need my hair cut and it's very curly and.....that's about it. In South Texas this is a typical thing, but it can be frustrating when there's no other stylists available (so I couldn't ask for a new one unless I wanted to leave) and we can't communicate about what we want without looking like cave people. No worries  though, Robyn worked on it and we're good!

2). I have to keep reminding myself that all babies develop differently. I looked through all my Facebook pictures of the boys yesterday (and there were A LOT of them, sorry friends) and I realized that Silas was using 2 word statements such as "go dog" at 18 months which is how old Sage is now. Sage makes sounds but doesn't regularly use any words. He randomly shouts out a whole word with no practice like "Mickey!" and "Chicken!" (seriously) but he doesn't bring you a ball and say "ball" or point to the dog and say "dog" even. I'm going back and forth between if I need to intervene with speech therapy or not.

3). I learned a lit about bone marrow donation this week. Be The Match contacted Mike by mail and told him he was a match for a 51 year old man with leukemia. He got too busy at work to call during the day so they called me and his Mother and finally Mike called them Friday. Saturday he had his blood drawn and a doctor will decide next week if he's a match enough for the patient. If he is, they'll decide how to extract the cells they need (either through blood draw ir marrow removal from his hip). Fun stuff! But Mike's happy he can help.

What about you, what did you learn? Share a gem with us in the Comments section below.