Sunday, December 15, 2013

What We Learned: December 15th edition

Always learning. Not a bad thing!! Here's what the Mamas have been up to this week:


1. I learned that after years of hoping and praying, the girls are die-hard Tim Burton fans. They were enthralled watching the Corpse Bride. Yesssssss! Apparently, the bride "kicks ass" and Banshee has declared that the notoriously dark music (Danny Elfman) makes her happy. ;)

2. I am feeling a bit of pressure to get well soon from my third C-section, since Sailor goes back to work this week. So, we ran some errands together yesterday and we were able to get Cubby's birth certificate. I felt like I climbed Everest!! One huge tradition here that didn't quite start as a tradition, is I like to get the kids their passports as soon as they're born or early on, as another form of ID. It started because we had to take a trip to the Philippines when Pixy was 6mos old and it remained as a "thing to do" for us. Not a bad thing to do, especially as a military wife. I hate having to carry a letter of permission from Sailor that states he knows I'm taking the kids on a trip without him for the airport staff, honestly. IDs are good!

3. I learned that I must look a sight because the librarian, who'd been hounding me to return a book I had already returned, took pity on me and removed it from my account. I told her I felt horrible because books are sacred to our house and I had ransacked the whole house looking for it....anyway, since my voice isn't quite back to its strong self due to the CSec...I must have sounded pitiful. Haha! I am STILL looking for that book in case, but feels nice to not worry about it. It was a really nice book.


1. I was reminded (didn't really learn it this year) that toddlers and Christmas trees are bad news bears. We put up our tree Friday. Silas was SO EXCITED to see a tree when he came home from school. "DADDY LOOK A CHRISTMAS TREE! OH MY GOODNESS! IT'S SO AWESOME!" That made me smile. But then once we started putting ornaments on Sage was taking them off as fast as we were putting them on, and breaking half of them. Gah! Now we have to constantly be on Tree Watch so Sage doesn't steal ornaments and break them.
Mamas Around the House
Sage and Silas' Christmas tree

2. Tomorrow marks my first day of "break" from work (I'm a college professor remember). I always have all these great aspirations for break: read this book, re-prep this class...blah blah blah. This year I'm being realistic. Read (but not finish) my current book. Prepare all my classes (it's pretty easy, usually takes all of five days). Wrap Christmas presents. Enjoy my kids. Cook some yummy dinners. Done.

3. Last week I started getting back into meal planning and I forgot how much fun I used to have during the summer finding new things to make and seeing how they turned out. This week I've got three beef slow cooker recipes going on and two nights of chicken. I'll let you know what turns out the best!


I've learned that while pumping in the car people stare in like I have 3 heads. Then, they have a shocked look on their face when they see a little side boob. Hey, at least the main parts are covered up! 

 I've learned that the jolliest time of year is the biggest time to be an A-hole in traffic. Is this year's theme to have a 'White knuckle Christmas?' Seriously, shoppers. Calm down. 

From a student standpoint, I've learned that the national poison control number is 1-800-222-1222. It's easy to remember and worth keeping in the back of your headin case if emergency. 

Now it's your turn - tell us one thing you learned, recognized, or thought about this week! Let us know in the Comments.