Sunday, December 8, 2013

What We Learned (December 8, 2013 edition)

What an exciting week! Mama Lisa welcomed her new little boy to their family! There's not much exciting that can top that, but what did we learn this week?

1. I learned that sometimes intuition is crazy scary. I still can't believe Cubby showed up on the 6th day of Hanukkah!! Awesome! We had a crazy morning trying to get to the hospital in morning traffic, but we made it and things got moving very quickly after that. At 12:01pm, Cubby entered the world with a scream and the OR looked like a crime scene, but everything was ok. Sailor had dawdled that morning in leaving for work, the girls slept in a bit, and the weather was beautiful. It looked like the universe conspired with me to get Cubby out. It was awesome.

What we learned December 8, 2013 edition
The newest MAtH addition - Lisa's Cubby!

2. When Mama is away, the spawn will play! I left for 48 hours and I came home to wild and crazy creatures. Granted I never leave the house for long periods of time, but I didn't expect things to spiral that out of control. No matter, I put the brakes on it. Banshee is re-learning her volume control and isn't yelling about like a fishmonger, and Pixy isn't bursting into sassy soliloquys or tears when asked to stop hovering over her brother. Siiiigh! ;)

3. I also learned just how far the Sailor and I have come as a couple and as parents. We took everything in stride, talked everything out, and walked in to Labor and Delivery confident and ready to go. We made sure to treat the staff kindly and kept things interesting for everyone. I mean, that says a lot when you're feeling pain every minute. ;)


I've learned that surrogate mothers are completely low-balled. These days, they are offered 24,000 for first time surrogacy. Not that I was considering this as an employment option, but 24K is LOT less than I personally would ever consider for loaning out my body. Oh, but wait! You get your maternity paid clothes for too. Is that seriously listed as an incentive when your health is at risk? I'm considering a prank call just for S&G (Sh_t's and giggles).

I've learned that Kasen is super proud of his cap on his tooth. He had his first set of dental work done (2 sealants and one crown) and then got pampered with movies, soup and plenty of rest that day. "I showed all my friends," he said after coming home from school the next day. All of these kids want to do what each other is doing, so I can feel them sneaking handfuls of candy and soda when no one is watching. All of this so they, too, can get a crown and be cool. Maybe I should send a copy of the bill to the whole class' parents. You know, just for a heads up!

I've also learned what a white elephant professional party is. I got invited to one from my supervisor for the guard, and was torn on what present to bring.  Typically, you would bring liquor, toilet paper, or condoms and KY. You all know I'm not typical, though :) . I asked Mike and he suggested to bring a tube of Caulk and golf balls (Caulk and balls, folks!) Thank goodness I didn't take his advice because the 'weirdest present' was a bacon car air freshener and bacon strip band-aids. I want to be remembered and all (for networking purposes) but not as the "Caulk and Balls Airman".

1) I learned that Silas has learned "shut up." I don't know from where or from whom, but I was talking to Daddy today and I distinctly heard him say, "Mommy shut up." Turn off the TV Michael, I said. To Silas: What did you tell me? "I said to be quiet Mommy." No you did not (and you apparently know alternatives to shut up as well). We do not say those words to people - they are not nice. We say Please be quiet instead. This one is going to be my wise ass. I can feel it.

2) What about his brother? Sage is going to be my sickness-prone daredevil. He's had a cold twice in one week. No I'm not joking. He started one the day before Thanksgiving, was good by Monday, no mucous, nothing, and today both he and Si were "yellow 11" (Grandpa Jack's observation about two lines of yellow mucus coming from the nose). So he's sick and cranky...and up on top of the train table trying to jump off in the blink of an eye. I swear to you. If I ever have another heart attack, look for my child to be doing something that could hurt himself.

3) By the time my step-son is 18 I should be ready to practice family law in the state of Texas. This week I learned all about medical coverage and what forms need to be filled out in order for a non-custodial parent to provide insurance through the Healthcare Exchange (rather than through their employer as most divorce decrees mandate). When the cost of healthcare through the employer is unreasonable (greater than 9% of the annual income of the parent) the parent can purchase an individual policy for the child and not cover them through their employer insurance. Just in case you were wondering.

What about you? What new learnings or understandings has this week brought you? Comment below and let us know!